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Abiding Touch Massage provides Restorative Massage Therapy, which is a therapy that consists of a combination of Massage, Isometric Stretching, and Relaxation to help the body restore its natural balance. It helps relieve anxiety, stiffness, pain, soreness. It increases relaxation, energy, mind clarity and flexibility; therefore, improving your over all well-being.

I am a Certified Massage Therapist with the State of California. This means I have over 500 hrs of education in Massage Therapy and that I have met the requisite CAMTC standards of preparation, education and background checks.

I truly believe that massage is not just a luxury, its therapy. Please read the information below to find out how therapeutic massage benefits the mind and body.

Sessions are private and by appointment in cozy, clean & comfortable spa like setting. Single sessions, series, gift certificates and packages available.

General Effects of Massage

Psychological Effects - It increases mental clarity, reduces anxiety, facilitates emotional release, and promotes over all feeling of general well-being.

Pain Reduction - It relieves muscle pain from tension and poor circulation by “unknotting” sore or tender spots in a given muscle or muscles and also by inducing the release of endorphins that are natural pain killers

Stress Reduction - It triggers an over all relaxation response!

Physical Effects at the Tissue Level include enhanced tissue repair and scar formation, and the break up of scar tissue that can cause pain, stiffness, or restrict movement

Effects of Massage on the Organ System

Skin - It stimulates superficial circulation increasing blood flow to skin bringing more oxygen and making the skin more elastic. Adds moisture and removes dead skin. Facilities healthy scar formation.

Skeletal system - It promotes good joint function, optimal range of motion, flexibility, and proper skeletal alignment.

Muscular system - It “Milks” toxins out of muscle so that they can enter the circulatory and lymph systems to be eliminated from the body, also promoting specific and general muscle relaxation, body flexibility and relief from muscle constriction due to muscular imbalances.

Nervous System - It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which causes a deep relaxation response therefore relieving stress pain. Also releases endorphins (the hormone that produces a mild euphoric feeling) that make you feel good.

Cardiovascular System - It increase general and local circulation, red blood cells circulation, and reduces blood pressure and heart rate.

Lymphatic System - It increase lymph fluid movement and improves immune function via stress reduction.

Respiratory System - It encourages deeper breathing, promotes good structural alignment, and rib cage expansion with relaxation of muscles of respiration.

Digestive System - It improves digestion with relaxation and facilitates bowel movement.

Urinary System - It enhances circulation to kidneys increasing urinary production and bladder tension.

Reproductive System - It promotes general breast health by the increased circulation and lymph movement along with the detoxifying that occurs. Also improves reproductive function with relaxation.